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Bootloader for ATmega8 and AVRprog

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The presented bootloader (BootloaderDL5NEG.asm) for ATmega8 originates from the
http://www.dl5neg.de/bootloader/bootloader.html webpage, and I have modified it for my needs.
Bootloader enables to change contents of both program memory and EEPROM using AVRprog (AVR studio).
From AVRprog (AVR studio) viewpoint, the application together with bootloader looks like a programmer,
which can program only a single microcontroller (= self).


Before assembling and "burning" the bootloader, the user can choose:
- crystal frequency (in file BootloaderDL5NEG.asm parameter fCK)
- output for a LED (in file BootloaderDL5NEG.asm parametres LEDport / LEDbit)
- active level for the LED (in file BootloaderDL5NEG.asm parameter ActiveStatLED)
- control input to skip the bootloader (in file BootloaderDL5NEG.asm parametres TestPort / TestBit).
LEDport/LEDbit and TestPort/TestBit can of course be the same pin!

How to use it

How to get the bootloader into the microcontroller

Description of TSP-IC - PonyProg adapter:
2connect to 12
12connect to 2
Redukce.jpg (18kB)
REMARK: For TSP-IC in PonyProg user interface, inversion of RESET signal has to be switched on!

When programming the bootloader, PonyProg has to be set in the following way:
PonyProg.jpg (30kB)

How to use the microcontroller with bootloader

a) Using STK500 plugin menu command

In the Board window, click on the Upgrade button. The STK500 application ends and on biprog, LED1 and LED4 flash
momentarily. As soon as AVRProg starts, LED4 and LED6 light on permanently and on the monitor, the following
AVRprog.jpg (19kB)
Using the Browse button, select the needed file (on picture, the file is already selected) and press button Program in Flash
window. The progress of programming is displayed, then a message on successful programming. Then press button Exit
and close the window using the right upper "x" (close window) icon. Firmware is successfully upgraded and we can try it.
If you want to use this method in your application, a jump to address THIRDBOOTSTART+3 has to be incorporated
to the application. Those who are knowledgeable enough to use it, will surely know how.

b) Pressing a button while resetting the microcontroller


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